Spanish ‘solar energy’ to companies, organisations and private groups.


Welcome to MIX

Spain, in its modern version offers the perfect surroundings and potential for unforgettable experiences. Perfect settings at Majorca, Malaga, Seville, Madrid or Barcelona.


“He who walks in others’ footprints will never lead”.

MIX is your partner on location - with great experience, local knowledge and a strong network of native resources. Combining an active lifestyle with many years experience in the travel industry, the MIX team offers you an array of possibilities, professional insight, creativity, flexibility – and best of all…the best price.
By dealing directly with the organisers we eliminate expensive middlemen.

Mik N. Suurballe

Born 1961 in Denmark
Since 1984 been involved in travel as a hobby as well as professionally.
Keen backpacker and adventure traveller with over 30 years experience in global tourism.
Spanish relations since 1988 and permanent resident, since 2000 in Pollenca in the North East of Majorca.

Relevant experience and skills:

Certified instructor in teambuilding and sales training.
Tour guide and resort manager with responsibility for resort performance, planning and co-ordinating conferences and events as well as human resources.
Entertainer and management of resort animation including planning, organising and executing various events of all sizes including cabaret.
Sales coaching and staff development.
Designing, developing and implementing the family oriented “sun club” for the largest Scandinavian Tour Operator, SPIES travel.
Selecting and training new tour guides, resort staff and entertainers.
Sergeant in the Danish army.
Certified PADI-diver (DM), certified fitness-instructor and sports massage therapist.
Experience in running international restaurants and hotels


Swap your usual surroundings for the Mediterranean sunshine, palm trees and mountains. The experience begets happiness, motivation and results – highly rewarding.

Spice-up your conference! Leave your company “kick off”, the annual Christmas- or summer bash, seminar or conference with a taste of juicy memories and satisfying companionship.

Add boat-trips, local dining and fresh mountain air, all served at hotels with good facilities and a hefty helping of sun and fun. The flavours will stimulate, motivate and linger.
Boat trip, city tour, tapas dinner, lunch in the mountains, paella in the harbour, teambuilding with rock climbing and/or abseiling, nightlife, go-cart racing, horse riding on the beach, water polo, whatever your heart desires.

Move your think-tank out under the blue sky for a couple of days.

If the senior team/board needs big space to make big decisions, meet at a luxury city-hotel or in the country-side. Let the blue sky, delicious cuisine, spa and perhaps a round of golf for leisure inspire the thinking.

Training camp & private events.

Gather your group, friends and family for an unforgettable short stay where you can combine several activities while saving yourself money and time leaving the organization and logistic to a professional

Training camp

Cycling, football/golf/trekking/running/swimming/basketball or any other sport? The mild and sunny climate of Majorca adds the perfect extension to the much-too-short northern outdoor season. The geography and the available facilities make the training more fun and exciting
All are catered for locally, and MIX will help you get the best quote for bikes, any facilities and/or equipment you will need.
Your stay can be combined with a variety of other exciting and fun filled activities.

Private events

Wedding, birthday or any other special occasion? Spain will (with a higher degree of certainly) offer you a sunny event.
MIX has the right contacts to stately homes, restaurants, hotels, monasteries, transports etc. and will make sure that all you have to do is to relax, take part in the fun and enjoy!!


The perfect, personalized one-day-experience when on Majorca-holidays. Ask us for a tailor-cut programmed day with professional, private guiding and get to know the islands best secrets.

Where, what & when

MIX is permanently based in the Mediterranean island of MAJORCA but also tailor-make group-events in the southern region of the mainland, ANDALUSIA as well as in the exciting and popular city of BARCELONA.

Infinitely flexible contents and we tailor make your program to suit you, your needs and budget
• Sightseeing and excursions.
• Boat trip.
• Ballooning.
• Wine tasting.
• Abseiling and rock climbing
• Golf
• Trekking
• Rambling
• Diving
• Visits to museums and other attractions
• Spanish football league
• Bullfighting
• Flamenco
• Quiet kayaking or boosting high-speed-boat
• Racing
• Spa and wellness
• Horse riding on the beach
• Water parks
• Lunch in the mountains / paella by the sea
• Barbeque evenings/lunches, tapas or luxury dinners
• Nightlife


is also known as the Island of Love, the island of contrasts and even the island of possibilities. It is all of these and it continues to be a favorite destination.
The unique combination of a vibrant, wealthy and cosmopolitan city, outstanding mountains and nature, white beaches, and the blue Mediterranean can impossibly be found anywhere else within such short distances. The possibilities are endless!!
The offers on hotels, restaurants, bars, experiences and activities are amazing and can satisfy all needs, wishes, levels and budgets – and are difficult to match anywhere else, especially in such a relatively small space.
Can be visited all year around – however the high-season, July and August is hot, expensive and crowdie!
Winter, from November to April does not offer beach-/pool-life but many other attractions..


is the perfect ”City Break” during the dark months in the north of Europe! A mild climate, the world’s best football, outstanding cultural attractions, architecture (Gaudí), the Olympic village, shop-till-u-drop, the street-artist in ”La Rambla” and much more have made this city a ”Hotspot” and one of the most visited in Europe. A city-sightseeing, “Camp Nou" (the stadium of F.C. Barcelona), the cathedral of ”La Sagrada Familia”, a stroll in the pedestrian zone, different dine-out, vibrating night-life and a relaxed break in any of the green parks are just a few of many things to do…
• Bet to visit during the winter months – and is NOT sun&beach


En anden af MIX´ hjemmebaner.

Is another home to MIX. The capital of southern Spain and Andalusia is the most Spanish of all Spanish: The essence of the Spanish soul.

The exuberant and sensual Flamenco-dance, the intimacy in the narrow streets and 100rds of tapas-bars in the old town, bullfighting, thoroughbred horses, “Macho”-Latin’s and “Carmen”, the Serrano-ham and the cool, dry sherry. Seville can be the base for many exciting and very Spanish experiences.
• Seville is a ”City Break” but most attractive with a bit of sun and warmth Best to visit during spring and autumn.
• High season, 10/6-10/9, shall definitely be avoided to the heat!.


SOLKYSTEN v. Malaga also is part of Andalusia and offers an attractive combination of ”the real Spain” and sun/summer. In the surroundings of Puerto Benalmádena an easier-to-access version of the “Spanish soul”, combined with beach-life and international atmosphere can be found
• Can be visited all year: The mildest climate of whole Europe with 325 sunny days yearly!
• High season, July and August, however is hot, expensive and crowdie.

How to get there

As the airports of Palma (PMI) and Barcelona (BCN) are amongst the 10 busiest airports in Europe it is easy to find the right ticket at the right price on-line.

Also Seville (SVQ) and Malaga (AGP) offers very good, direct connections from/to most international airports.

Traveling as a group you are usually required to contact the airline direct.

Private accommodation
If you are looking for your own holiday apartment have a look at

Mikmosa Port de Pollensa


Tel: (+34) 609 334 059


MIX has, since its begin in 2006, tailored hundreds of successful events at Mallorca, in Andalusia, in Madrid - and in Barcelona for many reputable small and big companies, mainly from the Scandinavian countries!

Have also arranged and attended several private events:

∞ Weddings.
∞ Silver- & Gold-weddings.
∞ Birthday-parties
∞ Family holidays and a countless number of one-day-excursions